About Us


Where is Angelina from is a common question?


Well she is originally from Tallinn in Estonia but moved to London when she was 12 years old and learnt english from watching TV which was mostly American; hence the accent nobody can ever place!


Growing up in central London Angelina really is a city girl and one of the biggest challenges about the Chateau is actually it’s setting in sleepy rural France. However she absolutely loves the challenges that the place presents but mostly the nature surrounding us in this beautiful place. In fact the first thing she does in the morning when waking up is go to the window to see the ducks swimming around the moat, red squirrels jumping around the garden or the birds singing in the trees.

Angelina is super crafty and really is the one who puts the finishing touches on the Chateau with her decoration, re-upholstery and furniture renovation and loves to share those skills with others through her workshops and open days.



Growing up in beautiful St.Ives, Cornwall, Phil’s used to the quiet life that France offers but left for London to find his fortune when in his early 20’s. He didn’t find it but fast forward a number of years he found Angelina; something no fortune in the world could buy!


Once engaged and looking for a wedding venue for themselves Phil embarked on one of his more wild ideas; to go and live in a Chateau in France where we would also get married. Thinking it would be a difficult thing to convince Angelina to do he pondered how to explain this idea in the best possible way, in the end just showing her a photo and she jumped at the chance. The rest as they say is history…


Phil is the ‘big jobs’ person at the Chateau and always finding the ingenious way to solve the problems quickly and cheaply. He can usually be found somewhere with a large power tool or chainsaw or turning old pallets into something useful for the events!